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Ioannis Andronoglou holds a PhD in Musicology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and is a guitar soloist. He has recorded the album "Travelling" (Legend Classics, 2010, reissued by Aerakis Cretan Music Workshop and Seistron, 2014). He has published in print the works of "Mandilatos Impressions" and "Fantasia on a Thracian folksong" (Aerakis Cretan Music Workshop and Seistron, 2015) as well as the book "Greek
traditional music as a source of inspiration in the composition of works for guitar" (Aerakis Cretan Music and Seistron 2020).
As a soloist, he has given numerous concerts in Greece and abroad and as a soloist-teacher he has participated in important guitar festivals around the world (Guitar Foundation of America, Volos International Guitar Festival etc.).
As a lecturer, he has participated in conferences on the subject of guitar as well as in conferences of musicological, historical and pedagogical interest (Interdepartmental Musicological Conference/Greece, Dublin Guitar Symposium, Symposium on the Greeks, etc.).
He is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Western Macedonia (School of Humanities and Social Sciences) where he has also completed postdoctoral research.

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